Artist Statement:

I love the challenge of physically translating a thought or feeling onto a canvas.

My main body of work explores childhood memories, everyday objects or an emotion.  My work has childlike simplicity with layers of complexities.  There are many images, writings and memories buried in layers of paint.  Some of these show through while others are covered up forever...just like feelings are.

I aim to create a balance between color and form, usually with only three elements.  I start out making random marks and scribbles on the canvas just to "activate" it.  By pushing and pulling paint and imagery, I'll often attach a memory to it somewhere in the process.

I use various tools, brushes, palette Knives, crayon, pencil, oil pastel, oil bar and even wooden rollers and paint scrapers.

I also create things out of my "norm".  From a giant pink fortune cookie to a Baseball Fury Stormtrooper...I don't limit myself to just one style.  If I have an idea, I explore it.  I get it out of my head so I can move on.

derek david baron

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